Sentries broken?

Sentries can’t be deactivated in game. In editor mode there are names below them and I can’t interact with them.

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Yeah, sentrys are getting wonky with the new update. Simalr guide when i go into more detail. Um why is this ENEMY sentry not working

do u need them cuz if not just erase them :smiley:

Most people can’t erase the sentrys either, as seen in the guide i mentioned above.

oh my they are very broken

Yeah, it’s mostly because they got a new update. The devs are probably gonna fix it later.

Whenever this happens, refresh the tab, return to the dashboard, and re-enter the game. The same happened to me.

I have the same problem do we have to do this everytime my game includes A MILLION sentries

Unfortunately, every time it does this, you have to refresh. I’ve read somewhere that the devs are working on it but still not sure.

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