Sentries + activity feed

In my game I was having trouble with the activity feed and tried many different solutions, when I thought of the sentry knockouts and so I spawned in and, what do you know, the sentry’s are not even their! I did not even mess with the settings except for change their team and HP. They simply did not exist. I think this was also affecting the activity feed. If anything is announced can you please tell me, this greatly affects my game. Also there are only 4 sentries in the map so I don’t think it’s that glitch.

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uhh if ur on school chromebook i dont think u can see the feed

u need to have a big screen to see it

Oh, but sometimes when a sentry is knocked out it will say “____ was blasted away” or something, also I’m confused about the sentry’s not existing in the map.

the senty aint showing up

is is activated and visible in game???

maybe just reshred or restart ur pc

Ok, ill be back on the forums in a minute.

No, it did not change even when I restarted the game and logged of my system.

fullscreen when using chromebook

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I’m on school chromebook and I can see activity feed