Selector/player counter help

I created the player counter and I’m wondering "How can I make it so when the counter goes up/down it changes THREE properties?

A zone? Maybe? That might help.

how might the zone help?

Well the counter gets to something and all three get activated at once.

Just resize the zone.

Use the “Property Value Changed” wire and wire it to a device that has block code for it to run.
Make it set the property/ies value to whatever you want.
If you only want the property (the three properties you mentioned) increment/decrement once (if it is a numerical property), I suggest you just link a counter to the property and decrement said propert/ies.

Yeah, do… whatever that is. That seems like a good idea. I am bad at devices

Copy the counter twice and make it edit the other properties.

can you explain with pictures? my brain wont process this

My idea uses no blocks and has less memory.

ok, thanks!

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