Season Ticket question

if you get the season ticket and you create, for example, 5 maps and you don’t buy the ticket for the next season, what happens to the extra 2 maps?

i want to know if the ticket is really worth it

if you reply you need to have the ticket from a previous season, as I don’t want to cause clutter cuz this is off topic

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They get locked until you buy the season ticket again.

They turn gray and you can’t access the maps

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well can you choos with ones get locked?

You can’t access the two maps unless you delete two other maps you have.

No, I believe it is random.

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awww, darn it

The ones that don’t get locked are the most recently created ones.

This isn’t correct, the 3 most recently created maps are still usable, but the older maps are locked.

3 most recently created or editied?

It isn’t random. The most recent three maps you’ve made you can access after the season ends. The rest are locked and you can’t access them unless you buy the ticket again or delete some of your available maps. Trust me I had this exact same question for season 2-3.

three most recent made or editied?

It is the three most recent made.

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