Screen Went Black

So I was testing my map and the screen went black. I think I’ve seen a few other posts on that, but I don’t know where they are. I was running around with a hunger system tied to a movement engine.

Update: I closed and reopened the tab and it happened again.

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I think the servers weren’t able to handle it, you must’ve placed lots of devices/placed them in a short time period.
When you go back in did it cancel out anything you put in it?

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Nope. I just changed a few numbers in some blocks. But a movement meter was trigger blocks at 4 times a second…

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That kind of just happens. It happened to me too one time, you just got to wait a little before you play again.

Maybe it took up too much memory and your device couldn’t handle it @getrithekd!

that means memory is most likely maxed, your game has to much happening at once, lag is to great, and some functions conflict with eachother resulting in your issue.

It’s 29% memory.

Then its to much happening at once, lag is to great, and some functions conflict with eachother.

But it doesn’t happen in my F1 map, which has more memory and the same function

Ok, to solve this view the sites code. so click the keys on your keyboard ctrl+u or left click on your mouse and click the button inspect, it will tell you were the errors are and because you know code, you might be able to edit the script to get in, I did it before a long time agao and it worked. And if you can’t do it ask @togapiyoda on the Gimkit Fandom, he is a great coder and has found ways past firewalls to view the gimkit files. (in a good way, not sneakly)

Probally can’t handle it. Maybe delete the hunger or movement bar

A similar system in a different map can handle it with double the memory. I don’t think that’s the problem.

I think its the map its self crashed, which means you will have to delete it or find a back way in by the script.

@WolfTechnology Is probally right

If I close the tab and open it again, it works, and I can’t understand what you mean by that.

Can you show me a gif of some sort using a video gif converter?

I can’t use a video gif converter and it just turns white then black forever. I can still start and stop the game though.

The script of the page, the java script that runs your map, view the script, edit it were it is cnflicting and you should regain access. I am not understanding what you don’t understand.

Weird, message and try to edit the script, there is nothing else you can do as far as i know.

Have you done this before? And you can’t just look at the code to just randomly find the “conflicting” part.