Screen turning black

I was playing my Gimkit Creative map, When all of a sudden the screen turns white, and then quickly turns black. I can still edit things, but I can’t see where they are. What can I do to stop this?

Did you try closing the tab and making a new one?

That fixes the problem, but it takes a while and I just want it fixed completely.

It’s part of the “Wrong Click” error where sometimes when you click on a prop/device/wire, it opens a different menu for a different prop/device/wire. This is a special case where the prop/device/wire your mouse was stuck on gets deleted.

But I was just playing normally, not editing and this happened. Also, I haven’t deleted anything on my map today. I am really confused.

Oh. I don’t really know.

It’s probably a bug that needs to be reported.

How do I do that?

You’ve already done it! You just post it here and wait for it to be patched (I guess).

Edit: Thanks Haiasi!