Scoring System For Capture the Territories?

I think that I made some progress with my scoring system, but something is wrong somewhere.

I was using gold keys in inventories to track scores, but the problem was that the game won’t clear inventories when a student disconnects, so the teams were able to get more than the correct number of territories (7).

I am trying to have the game check inventories every X seconds, to have a live score. I put a colored fish in the player’s inventory when they capture a territory, and remove the fish when they lose it.

I think that I ALMOST have it, but I can’t get it to clear/count scores correctly. I tried using relays (to all players), but I think that messed it up. In my tests, something always goes wrong. For example, it’ll keep increasing the scores without clearing them first.

I know that I can probably go down to one counter. I just wanted to see how it counted each fish.

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This is cool @SpacePirate. however I would change this to community made guides instead. :slight_smile:

It’s a question. Seeing why it isn’t counting correctly.

So the problem with this setup is it’ll count the host’s score, but it won’t count the other players. It will add to the score for other players, but only if they step on the trigger.

Are you using a lifecycle for this?

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The repeater listens for a game start lifecycle.

If you want it to count for multiple people other than the host you have to connect it to a relay. Just making sure you have that, since the lifecycle only works for the host by itself.


You need a relay instead. The host is the one to click the button to start the game, so the lifecycle will only be scoped for the game host. So you need a relay to fix that.

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ahhhhhhhhhhh ok. Trying this now.

Ok this worked. But it’s not updating the score correctly now. I think because I have so many counters? Score only goes up 1 per player.

You need a system for checking who has a territory, right?

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Capturing a territory gives a colored fish. Losing it clears that color fish for the whole other team.

The checks in my OP are for the score.

Looks like this was it!

Now I just need to figure out how many seconds to put the repeater to. Does it slow down the game if it’s too fast?

Choosing NavyCat for solution, because she was the fastest to respond. I think that’s fair.


If you’re using the repeater to keep checking for the score, you can instead use a wire repeater clock. Basically, it involves two wire repeaters. The will trigger each other when they are triggered, so all you need to do is connect something to them and they will run forever at a very fast speed.

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If you don’t use too many blocks, then .5 should work. If you want to go faster, then you could use a trigger triggering itself with a delay. You probably should use that because it uses less memory. It can go all the way down to .0015. I don’t think you really need such a low delay because you don’t need that precision.


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