Score Measure: Zone Edition

yay guide! There are already stuff for this, but this is a bit more adaptable and works for many things, like a maze, where you have to beat the levels.

How to make it:

First, get a zone:

Now place down a counter:

Then place down a property:

Now go into map settings and change score to this:

Optional things:
  • add a respawn device, its a race to see who can beat the level the fastest

  • make a barrier cover up the whole level, and end at the end of the zone, they can only beat the level once! (Don’t forget the checkpoint!)


@Blizzy suggested the name!


Nice guide! But where can this be used?
wait nvm

would it be possible to make this as a splatoon map?

What is splatoon?

game where you paint land in order to win where most paint placed is most points, it is a very popular nintendo game i recommend you play it

i suppose you could make that…

me who literally can’t play video games… :expressionless:

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Name it “Score Measure: Zone Edition”?


Nice name!

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Give me credits? (You don’t need to) :slight_smile:

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