Scope acting up

I have a system in my game. [1] If you step on one of two triggers, they deactivate each other and tell a vending machine to activate for each player. However, when I was bug testing with @WhoAmI and @WhereIsMyHat, the vending machine activated for ALL of us, and not just one of us. This says that there is global scope somewhere, even though the whole build stays in player scope.

TLDR: trigger → vending machine is not following the scope I want it to.

  1. The game is GK8, if you wanted to know. ↩︎

Um, could I see the settings?
Also, why do you have 2 triggers?

What happened to your pfp? Blackhole with :eyes:

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It’s as simple as it sounds. A trigger broadcasts on a channel that activates a vending machine.

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You guys might have been on the same team, or you might need to make the wire repeaters specified for team (#)

maybe try using wires instead of channels

Make a replica of the build from scratch

now of those 2 usually fixes the problem

How many scopes do you have?

three million

Lol, for real how many maby there is a glich due to the amout.

Side note do any of you do online school?? Or just me.

Scope not working? Whaaaaat?

I do… my school is GREAT!
but lets get back on topic

This is what I made and it works perfectly…

Whats is that for? It looks very interesting.

Its that thing that he made, but his isn’t working…

How’d you do the

The footnote thing?

The thing is, I have to use channels due to the distance.

We were not on the same team. The wire repeaters just turned the triggers off.

Maybe try using zones instead? They’re quite reliable for me.

tried refreshing?
also for whatever reason just redoing the system works pretty well for bugs

Yeah zones are usually what I use as well. Honestly, call me a noob but I like wires better than channels.