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Add important stuff here!

Wait do we already have that?

why? is there a 3.0?

did the last one run out of space?

@Cyan_Tiger_Reigns i believe we don’t
@leahciM the last one is running out of space

oh ok

Ah ok.

But the character limit is 30,000

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is this… my guide? in the photo

wait why is the first part about doors?

No, its the 2.0 version

And, we can keep the old one up and running until its very close, not 18,000 characters away

what is the point of this post?

what? 2.0 there is a 2.0 guide on doors?

uhh images in gimkit because the last one is close to running out of space

I accidentally pasted your guide in too.
Let me fix that

and also that one is not updated

oh ok

Ok, I did it right this time and we’re still not even close to the character limit.

the images in the text editor take up most of the letter limit thingy tho
ah well
i’ll not put this as deleted, i’ll put this saved as for later when we reach the limit

And did anybody agree with the idea of you making a wiki for the 3.0?