Save File Thingy Part 2

Question for @TorontoBulls1 : What are the settings for the properties(the “save code” property)? And are the other properties(“Kills”, “Level”, “Experience”)properties in the person’s game?(For example if I had the property cash in my game would I put get property cash?)

posts these things on the original topic part 2s only happen for guides

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Look at this

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The original one was solved and got closed.


Sorry i had a basketball game and was offline. The save code property is a text property, and is player scoped as all the other properties are. The others are numbers (exp, levels, kills). You could rename any of these to cash but keep in mind that if you want to modify the system note the following:

Currently the max # of kills is 999 the max # of levels is 99 and the max # of exp is 99. I can help you modify this if it doesn’t work for you.


Ok thank you! I’ll test it out!

My fingers are so numb rn from the cold

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Wait @TorontoBulls1 is this how you would do it?

Also, how do the triggers trigger? What device/thing broadcasts on “input save code” and “output save code”?
And sorry for all the questions.
Here is my next question:

How would this part work(The putting in the code part sorry coding is not my thing)?

The triggers trigger by a player pressing buttons.
Button pressed → broadcast on “Input Save Code”
Button pressed → broadcast on “Output Save Code”

So here’s the settup for inputting the code:

The top row of buttons increase their respective counters and the bottom row decreases. Each counter is player scoped and updates a respective player scoped property called "Save Slot " and then its #

Now onto of your code block of the trigger that runs on “Input Save Code” put this top part:

(The part that sets the save code to a combination of all the Save Slots).

This should work @BreathTaking

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Ok I’ll try it out! Thanks!

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Wait is the “Check Code” button(the button that checks to see if the code is correct) the one that transmits on “Input Check Code”?
Which one is “Output Sasve Code”?
Thanks for helping me a bunch!

Just a different button the user presses to get their save

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