RPG ideas? (Simple, pls)

I need help for making an RPG that isn’t too hard. Any ideas?

What do you want to base it off of? I’m currently working on a space RPG with lore and story. You know the good stuff. Make sure to have a story around the RPG and since you want it short limit the world to a small space.

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Dungeons & Dragons, so dice rolling.

I know, it’s gonna be pretty hard.

Ah dice rolling. Maybe check out _____land it has some tips on how to make dice rolling. Well I’ve never played DND, but maybe make it so that if you get a specific number then it either gives you something good or bad. And if you get doubles then it doubles the effect.

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Role Play Game or Rocket Propelled Grenade

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Bro that doesn’t help @LandynSPEEDO802 at all. Please make helpful comments and not add clutter.

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I’d add NPCs, a “Stats” button with a popup with stats and achievements, or a room with that.
Try adding a massive popup shop, but make it easy to navigate.

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Make the RPG rely on pulling cards that do things

OOOH! That’s a good idea, @max1! I’ll mark a solution.
I’ll also do your idea, @raeB. Thanks, guys!

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I’ll also call it "Dun-GIMS and Dragons! BA-DUN-SSSSSSH


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