RPG Game Ideas?

Okay so I’m making a RPG that is medieval based and I need ideas for 7 classes.

Any ideas will be appreciated!

(Also ideas for quests, locations, etc are appreciated too!)


Quest to get somthing liek the legendary (item name) idk if you like it I can help youbuild just post thingy on wix

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7 Teams?

  • merchants

  • armor stands to regenerate shield

  • crafting

  • evil potions

  • exploding barrels that activate sentries

  • trolls

  • loot boxes

  • easter eggs


Tank (High health and shield, has to use melee weapons, and is slower than other classes)
Support (Can heal other team mates, and has lower health)
Mage (Normal amount of health, low shield, and high damage. Can also help protect others.)
Bandit (High mobility, but low damage, normal health and shield.)
Ranger (Low health and shield, but can shoot from far away.)
Looter (Has a better chance to get better items from loot crates and enemies. Low stats, though)
Brewer (Can throw “potions” Probably won’t be able to do this and does AoE damage)


You could possibly have a gun, that only the brewer has, and when it hits the player, it will start a poison effect, the looking for the player part might also be Gimpossible


A Greek mythology RPG, you play as Hercules, and your on a mission for a god, like a quest, on the way you partner with other demigods, battle monsters, and fulfill the prophecy


Possibly. Good idea, though.

Check the zone it was thrown in via coordinate system?

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With this being in an rpg though, I think it would take too much memory. That is if she’s going to make the map really big.

I don’t think im making a huge map, im going to limit the areas the players can go in. I’m mainly trying to think of player to player interactions


Oh! So it could work then?

Also, what about a glass cannon? Really low health, but hits SUPER hard.


Oh, my bad. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

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Seven classes
Haggler -gets lower prices for weapons
Fighter -can use tag zones to kill but slow
Ninja -fast but weak damage
Archer -really high damage but slow
Wizard -powerful hits but weak because old
Barbarian -Slow while moving but fast shooting
Healer -can heal but faster


It is an idea, and up to the map maker to decide.

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I agree For the most part

This seems pretty cool!

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Okay, thanks y’all for the ideas! I added:

  • blacksmith (crafting)
  • ranger(like spy but better)
  • spy(sneaky)
  • merchant(sells and buys for cheaper)
  • knight(tank)
  • wizard (casts spells)
  • robber(looter)

to this

mess of a map….

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