RPG game ideas for me and others

sorry im new i didnt know you couldnt

UM… this is not allowed, as you need to like give something useful, but this is just photos. sorry to ruin it for you


Yeah, um, sorry to burst your bubble, but
a) this is a showcase (which is not allowed)
b) you don’t really say how to make anything
(but a warm welcome anyways!)

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Welcome to the forums @Ky0jur0R3ng0ku69035
Like the others said you can’t post this

Should this be flagged if so i will

Don’t flag them, this is their first post and they should learn from their mistakes.

Ok, there reminded though

I meant informed not reminded

Anyways, welcome! Check the TOS and FAQ for ruls

Ok changed it and i kinda wanted to make something more than just blast ball but i got another idea for a RPG so i need to go and find some ways to make one because i’m experienced

sorry unexperienced sorry about that and thanks for letting me know

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