RPG Game Ideas Again

Mmm… my mind has broken again. I’m back! I need ideas for the following:

  • wizard spells

  • quests
  • buildings
  • anything else you can think of!

My game is medieval based so try to base it off of those.

The Roles
  • blacksmith (crafting)
  • ranger(like spy but better)
  • spy(sneaky)
  • merchant(sells and buys for cheaper)
  • knight(tank)
  • wizard (casts spells)
  • robber(looter)

I’m trying to make the same thing, just it’s more of military and war.
Wizard spells: Summon Sentries, get damage boost, etc.
Quests: Defeat Sentry Boss
Buildings: Wizard tower
Other: You know Minecraft, like the hero of the village achievement, you could try to make something like that, which makes everything cheaper


I can solve buildings for you! Since the medieval props came out, use the brick barriers!Easy solution!

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Yeah, I know Minecraft hero of the village but how exactly? Defeating all the sentries? Also, i need building ideas… not how to build. thanks tho!

You could add a Chapel, A side quest to supply a village with food and resoreces an ice spell where the floor is slippery, so mele enenmys will slip but the raged will not

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More building ideas:

  • Forge
  • Mountain
  • Resort
  • Beach
  • Village
  • Mansion
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Spell idea.
Tactical Nuke
Basically a spell that drops a powerful explosion.
Like meoter storm in dnd.


I wish the quadrakill post was still there, there were lots of spell ideas.
Maybe a flash-bomber?
It activates a random trigger that activates a zone around it that stuns the player (popup softlocking for 3 seconds)

Or a medic who can’t fight but has high health and can heal random people

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Hmm thanks for the ideas don’t know how i would do a metoer storm tho

probably a randomizer that activates random zones and slows and stuns players

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For wizard spells in combat, you would need a coordinate system most likely. From there though, you can do a ton of things!

You could also have non-combat spells that allow you to, say, freeze water or something. That could be used for puzzles or other puzzle-like things.

Quests can be done pretty easily with a couple pop ups and properties, and you could have anything from gathering items (then checking if they’re in the inventory when interacting with the quest giver) to killing things (just a death counter from a certain area).

RPGs are super fun to come up with ideas for, so if there’s anything else you need ideas for I’m always up to help


if you are doing stuff like wizards you should use midevil props and use plant sentries instead of robot sentries

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Well, why do you think i was making this map? ( to utilize the new props ) i dont think ill be using sentries that often but thanks for the ideas

What specifically is the biggest problem right now?

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Getting ideas for

:sparkles: wizard spells :sparkles:

  • Damage boost
  • Speed boost
  • Health boost
  • Regenerating health boost
  • Sentry army
  • Boost friends
  • Something with lasers

I’ll add some more later.

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adding on to what wingwave said:

fireball (coordinates required)
ice storm (slows enemies)
burn something (burns burnable things, noncombat)
summon minion
blindness (temporary black barrier over entire map)

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You could use a popup that shows for a certain amount of time (using triggers) and can’t be closed.
The black barrier thing is kinda impractical.

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I mean, you only need one to cover everyone, and if it’s in the top layer, then NOBODY can see anything.


what spell would popup softlocking be tho :thinking:


you could do like crafting quests or build a house thing for villagers

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