Rock paper scissors with a bot

How would i be able to make that i’ve tried using triggers and randomizers but i have no idea what i’m doing

Try a game overlay maybe

How does the player choose Rock, Paper or Scissors? Buttons? Game overlays? @Nixximon

the player chooses from buttons

Have 3 buttons, one for rock, one for Paper, and one for Scissors. Do you have that set up?

make a game overlay,then have 3 options:
Rock, Paper,and scissors.

i do have that set up

Wire those 3 buttons into a trigger. Go to the block codes of that trigger.

Create a variable called botChoice.
Set variable botChoice to random integer from 1 to 3

if variable botChoice = 1
Broadcast Message on Channel botRock
else if variable botChoice = 2
Broadcast Message on Channel botPaper
else if variable botChoice = 3
Broadcast Message on Channel botScissors

Do whatever you want with those channels, like, a notification for example. Tell me if you need further help.


Yeah, that works. Oh no, not coding competition.

Can I see everything you have so far?

Hey man, that’s my line.


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