Rock! Paper! Scissors! Guide

so people can see old guides

and not forget about them

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Ummmm because this guide was still a work in progress and a interesting guide

so you can just bump up old topics, and get them more popular because their at the top. interesting.

Yeah, basically. There’s a 5 day rule but I don’t think we need to that anymore

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not so they will get more popular, but so great, useful guides don’t get forgotten

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good point, kinda like my guide.

the whole point of bumping is to find guides that have been forgotten, so i’d say there’s no specific rule but don’t go bumping topics that are at the top

Step 2: Team Up
Step 4: Counting

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so just making sure, can I bump my own topic?


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BUMP BUMP This Is Fire

It hasn’t even been a day you have to wait at least 5 days or a week to bump

yea, @GimSolver I’m on the same page as u

Bump bc this is still a wip (me bumping this for the same reason again)

so yeah i get it off in 2 weeks and i’ll finish it then

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Oops didn’t see that mb

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it’s fine!

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Awesome guide, but it might prove easier to remove the winning code for each individual ties and just put
| {If [get Property[ Team 1] ] = [get Property[Team 2] ] ||||||||||||||||| | do [Broadcast Message On Channel "[Tie]"}

Either way, cool guide!

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Why didn’t i think of that! thank you so much!