Robot wizard names and what to do

I have a robot wizard thing in my game what should i name him and what will he do in my map?

The wise gear :mage: :slight_smile: . (welcome to the forums )

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and he should give you the evil eye for light shards (because he needs them as a power source)

or the old clock . :clock3:

How about Gandalf 2.0 (referencing LOTR)? :man_mage:

I’ve never watch a day of lord of the rings in my life

thank you bru thats a good idea


your welcome good luck in your game

its an rpg btw if you want to try it out i can start a game

no please don’t do that codes can not be posted on the forum and before you ask I cannot give you my email for the code

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do you have the codes and games gimkit wiz site?

i meant wix* …

and I got to go if you have questions ask @Gimkit101 he’s cool

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bye and good luck :slight_smile:

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Yay! 1 person likes me! :smile_cat:

@Veelopp, if you have an account on the game-sharing wixsite, please move any questions about game sharing there. That’s considered off-topic here, and if u do it again, I have to flag you. :slightly_frowning_face: Ok?

Also, welcome to the forum! :man_mage:

i hate having to do a whole sentence

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To get around the 20 character limit, just type < >, but with something in the brackets.

I gtg now. If you have any questions, try pinging some of the people in the Cool People section of my bio. They’re all really nice and should be able to help with anything u need. :smile_cat:

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