River Crossing Simulation [Difficulty: 2/10 🟩]

Been a while since I’ve posted a guide, right? Today, we’re going to simulate a river crossing WITHOUT animation!

Materials needed:
Barrier x2 - 3
Button x3
Wire repeater x1
Teleporter x2
Trigger x1

  1. Make your “raft” (the rafts are the barriers) area. Or, just place your raft near your river. Place the other two barriers/rafts in the river after you make sure they are deactivated on game start, one near the player and the other one on the other side of the river. Also make one of your buttons deactivated on game start (this is VERY important).
  2. Check if your trigger can only be pressed once, max trigger scope is set to player, and the trigger isn’t visible in the game. If no, then do that.
  3. Next, make the deactivated button to cross the river on the side the player is on and another button on the side the player is trying to get to. Also place the teleporters in their respective locations (players’ side of the river and the other side).
  4. Make the third button to move the raft. And do you remember those teleporters? Wire the button to cross the river on the players’ side to the teleporter on the other side of the river and vice versa.
  5. The moving raft button should now hide the barrier (aka your “raft”) near the river and show the raft in the river.
  6. Wire the “cross river” button on the players’ side to the barrier on the players’ side (button pressed>deactivate barrier) and also wire it to the other barrier (button pressed>activate barrier).
  7. Repeat step 6 but for the other “cross river” button (aka the one on the other side of the river).

Final result:

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In case you’re wondering why it looks so… customized is because my Season Ticket/membership ended, so I had to delete some (three to be exact) maps to reach it. One of those maps was my map for forum pictures, so… yeah.

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