[RESOLVED] Is there a way to make a Cooking System?

Greetings, chefs and creators! I have another question after a long break over the summer. I am wondering if you can make a Cooking System. Now that Farming’s been added, the last thing I need is cooking for my game map. If anybody knows how to make a Cooking System, that would be great!

Welcome back to the forum, @Lobster_Interactive (isn’t that 2 in like, 5 minutes?)! Maybe you can tweak this crafting guide?

For an eating mechanic, you could try using this guide:


Welcome back! What exactly are you trying to accomplish with the cooking system? Are you trying to make edible food or like cookable food?

You could use the cooking pan prop below an item spawner.

I think @Lobster_Interactive means both.


Well then, @Lobster_Interactive , the guides @wingwave gave you should work.


Welcome back, @Lobster_Interactive!


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