Resolved. Impossiable

Perma j0in code?

you’re gonna get flagged… again

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what? for what? its an idea… my friends have been asking me to try finding this out

Permanent j0in codes would be useless since you won’t be hosting a game anyway.

If you do want this for some reason, suggest it here: Gimkit Feedback (

The closest thing is showcase links (which expire every 7 days so you have to replace them) or by publishing them to discovery.

Also, the Gimkit servers shut down after a certain amount of time up (an hour or so, I believe) so this wouldn’t be possible anyways. Like CD said, feel free to suggest permanent join codes on the nolt. I doubt it’ll happen though.

You’d need to have a bot keep a gimkit creative (only creative maps can be run indefinitely) map running at all times. Even then, the servers would have to shut down, like shdwy said.

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