(RESOLVED) How do I make it so one team has a certain speed, but another team has a different speed?

So I am attempting to make a TeamVSTeam gamemode where one team is slow but has gadgets (Team 1), and the other is fast and can tag (Team 2). I can’t figure how to make it so every member of Team 2 is that speed though, any help?

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Connect a lifecycle device set to game start to a relay device. Set the relay to specific team and set the team to team two. Then, connect the relay to a speed modifier device.

Thank you, but i want to have it so anybody tagged also has it happen, so do you know how i am supposed to that?

Do you want the tagged people to get on the taggers’ team?

Yes, I do. Sorry, I should have clarified.

Connect the tag zone to a team switcher (the setting should be player gets tagged.) Set the team switcher to specific team and set the team to team two. Also connect the tag zone to the speed modifier (the setting should also be player tagged)

Thanks! That works! Issue resolved!

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