Research Help (AUO? or somethng Else?)

I was trying to research, and I don’t know whats happening

The left one is set to spectators, and the right one is set to Team 2. I placed them in this order:

  1. trigger
  2. Left one
  3. right one
  4. set the Right one to change on the channel recived from trigger
  5. set the left one to change on channel recived from trigger
  6. Wired up the left one
    I know its AUO, just don’t know what type.

Sorry, what are you trying to do, @Mineflyer ?

I have Abolusitely No Idea

Ok…do you need help?

No, I’m trying to understand whats happening here

Can you say what the system actually does?

What’s happening here is you posting a strange mechanism that uses ACO.
It changes you to team 2 and then spectator.
[and you just keep posting random things and saying that they are revolutionary]

Just look up AUO to understand it better?

It is supposed to be an attempt to activate 2 separate properties at once, which its somehow did by ending a game by sending me into Specator, but it shows me in team 2

Can you switch it to on start of the game go to team 1?

It has nothing to do with properties. There are no properties on your screen.

Also, you can’t activate two things at exactly the same time.

I didn’t mean like those properties, I mean the Setting of a Decivice


That’s because the game checks if everyone is a spectator once someone dies. If no one is a real player, it ends the game. After that, the trigger still runs (my guess is that the system didn’t kill everything in time) and now you’re on team 2.

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