Removing Player Health

How do I remove player health, or set the player’s health to something?


You cannot currently do this. You can increase the player’s health, but not minus it. The best thing is to have a sentry make them lose health. Sorry.


Thank you so much! Hopefully they’ll add it later.


Search up breath meter.
How to make a breath meter :yellow_square:


Vote for the damage modifier if you want this!

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I thought that the damage modifier only modified how much damage players did.

Yeah, or something like that.

You can go to settings and click map documentation. There, you can go to the health and shield tab and set their health to whatever you need. To remove player health, you can place a sentry to shoot at a player or a laser to damage them. (You set the damage)
Happy building!

3 months later

please look at the dates before you post, this was made in may and it’s activity was last updated in september.

So you mean that lasers were not in gimkit before may. Only Sentries

no, i think they were added in june (both sentries and lasers) but the OP (Original Poster) wanted to set the player’s health to a value.
With no Damage Manager/Modifier device yet, we can’t damage the player or set their health to a value.
Lasers are impractical.

This is now possible with pseudo-health though.

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like in the settings you mean?