Removing game codes

How do you put a black mark or something over a game c0de so that you don’t share the code.

You can simply use your built-in drawing tool to remove the gamecode.
Are you on a Chromebook? What device are you using?

Where do i find the drawing tool though?

It depends on device type.

When you take a screenshot, on Chromebook, look in the top bar for a A squiggly line

On mobile, when you take a screenshot, just look for the pen

More detailed guide:

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+[]|| or Ctrl+[]||
  2. Click the button to allow you to edit the image after the screenshot has commenced.
  3. Click here:
  4. Cover the gamecode with the pen.

2 things:
1: is there any way to do it after the fact
2: Where is this squiggly line

how do i click all of those at once

hold them

You only need to click the squiggly line to open the pen tool

Also, this may be getting off-topic.
For further assistance, see this page:

If you don’t really want to go to the editing menu for pictures, you could also open a device interface and close out of it and take a picture as you are closing out.

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