Remove items from inventory

how would i remove items from my inventory?

Use a Negative Item Granter.

If only we had a Negative Health Granter :frowning:


use an item granter set to a negative value

i tryed that but it didn’t work

What are your wirings and what did you put in it?

You could use negative item granters or use the clear item option in an inventory item manager.

i was wiring it to the a zone

Can you send some screenshots?

(also channels are totally better man)

You could also trigger a vending machine using wires that gives you nothing but takes away something

You need to wire the Zone to the Item Granter, not the Item Granter to the zone.


I don’t see why that wouldn’t work.
Does the player already have that item in their inventory?
Also, your gamecode is showing.

where? and the second zone gives it and the first one takes it away. i was trying to make it when when they leave it takes it away

is the wiring connected from the zone to the item granter/remover?

zone to the item granter

so what exactly is the problem? I need some more info

hang on i did something let me see if that fixed it.

ok i fixed it. thanks for the help.

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