Remove bugs in dig it up

Theres a bug in dig it up which shows colorful screens that needs to be removed

Email gimkit about it.


Welcome to the forum! this is a Gimkit Creative forum though, so this is technically not allowed. I’d recommend you do what robin said up there ^ and mark a solution, which is the next to each post.


Hi, @DHYEY ! You should message gimkit for this.

Send a message to the moderators.

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Welcome to the forums @DHYEY!!!

you might remember me as Yosef from the wix!

This is off topic. But welcome to the forums @DHYEY! You’re gonna have a… well, you’re definitely gonna have an a. Make sure to read the community rules, so nothing like this happens again!
Also make sure to mark a solution.

This type of topic will get you banned in the future, but because you are new, you might just get a warning. To know what type of posts to avoid in the future, read this.

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what I recommend doing next time and no guys this type of topic about a bug will not get you banned as it a bug even if not in gkc putting this in the bug categories explaining more and sending pics. adding more words if possible or explaining it more easier. this can help us a bit more *and no these type of things don’t get you banned or I woulda been banned or other people would been banned and start flagging for things that was on topic or about a bug why do we have a bug catergorie? change my mind if this ain’t true. or get a mod to explain.

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Welcome To The Forums :slight_smile:
You Should Email Gimkit about it to fix this
And give us more Info


need more info before emailing tho I don’t understand that much on what that bug could be in DIG

Welcome to the forums, but this is off-topic. And it should be in the bugs tab anyway.

True. But welcome to the forums!

welcome to the forums :sunglasses:

welcome to the forums, DHYEY! I got a bug like that too, I suggest going to gimkit feedback to request a fix for this. I would put a link, but I do not know if links are allowed in the forums, and I don’t want to get flagged.

I just said that.

no it in the wrong categorizes just has less info plus confirmed by @1234567

can a @trust_level_3 change the categorie?