Relays are not working!

So I am making an among us game and the meeting system is supposed to generate a random player every time you click a button, but it only generates the person who pressed it for some reason, then I thought that maybe my block code is wrong, but then I made a very simple button that when you press it it sends a channel to a relay, and it sends as a random player as another channel and sends a notification of the triggering player’s name, but it still only generates the person that pressed it and sometimes it doesn’t send anything when I press it. So I’m really confuse

Can you take a screenshot of the system? Also, does the notification use blocks to show the name?

Yes, I used triggering player’s name to do it,

triggering players name does well triggering players name thats not really changable even with relays i suppose (nvm having a dumb moment rn)

But like after it goes through the relay the system is supposed to think that the NEW person sent it right?

Your system should work then… Did you make sure to make a setting in the notification to send to ALL players?

Yes. That is the right understanding. If you want proof, go to “A Player Selector”.

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Let me check…… 20202020202020

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Ok now the notification works but for the voting system I used a pop up and I am sure that everyone can see it but I just couldn’t seem to make the player triggering’s name into a property and let a pop up say it

How did you try to do that?

It’s a bit complicated so basically it makes a pop up and every time you press a call to action label it lets a relay send a channel from a random person and use that to record triggering player’s name and then the pop up just gets the property

Have you tried refreshing the page? Or is it in the game.

Not sure what the exact cause is, I just decided not to reply(and well i still did).

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I did (20202020202020202020)

hm. A bug?

But then is there anyway to fix it?

Basically, you need the channel broadcast go to the player’s and then back into the selecting player’s scope.

The “A Player Selector” guide is VERY similar to what you’re trying to do, except it goes in an order.

Contact Gimkit ig.

I don’t really get what you are saying but I don’t. Think it would make a lot of difference because I used all devices to try to pick up the signal

are you the only one in the game rn?