Relay activation order

When a relay is used for all players, is there a specific order in which the players are activated, or is it random?

E.g. I have a lifecycle that is connected to a relay for all players, which triggers a trigger. This trigger sets the player-scoped property to 1 and the global-scoped property to 1 if the global-scoped property is 0, and does nothing if it is 1. Will it always be a specific person that has the player-scoped property set to 1?

I would think that it is random, but I honestly don’t know, so don’t quote me on that.

Try testing it yourself. Nobody’s really tested this.

I believe everyone will get the player scoped property? I don’t know, I’m only good at thinking about how the devices work together.

My Understanding

Lifecycle triggers relay, triggers trigger. Sets player property to one and global to 1. I think it will trigger for all players right? So there will not be a specific person.

It will only set the player-scoped property to one if the global-scoped property is not one, so IDK?

I mean it should work. Here is my kinda coding language
if (global prop === 1){
dont update}
if (global prop === 0){
set player prop 1}

So would it be a random player or a predetermined player? e.g. is it in the order of joining?

I’ll try testing it then

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I honestly thought it happened to all the players at the same time.

After a test, it does not seem to be random. The host goes before the second player that joined. I don’t know on how large of a scale this is though…

Use player ids to test this. It’s the relay to all players but it also records the order.

It does indeed appear to be in j0in order…

Messes up my plans but sure

Is this technically a qmech?

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This could be a quantum mechanic!

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