Regular Status?

So I have been looking forward to becoming a regular and checked in today and:

I thought this was enough to become Regular and I looked around and I think that I got everything?

Remember that flags count.
And last 100 days so this might not be in the last 100 days

Is there a problem or somthing you need help with?

Is there a way to filter too see what has been in the last 100 days?

But just wait because the system demotes/promotes regulars at 12am Eastern time [1] every day

You probably just hit 20k posts read today, so maybe tonight

  1. so about 45 minutes ↩︎


to check you could see last 90 days which is close enough
go to more on the left hand side and click users

how exactly do you do the … box?

^[your text here]


  1. your text here ↩︎

Like this!^[See?]
Like this![1]

  1. See? ↩︎

[1]'i didn’t try it but I thought it was that

  1. oh ok ↩︎

Wait, so if you get 5 flags that get your post hidden, is it permanent? Are you not able to recover after a period of time?


  1. has the second book been written ↩︎

It goes away 100 days after the flag?

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It counts for every 100 days since you joined I think

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yeah i think so


In the last 100 days

  1. maybe :wink: ↩︎

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