Reference: Variables and Math Operators in GKC

Defining a Variable

This can be done by clicking the “Create variable” button. You can then define it by the name.

Setting a Variable

This can be done by using the set block. set [variable] = [value]
Text strings can also be stored in variables.

Changing a Variable

Variables can be changed using the change block. change [variable] by [value]

Using a Variable

Variables can be used in the place of numbers. There is one more thing you can do with variables, setting one variable to another.
This can be done by setting value in the set block to a variable. set [variable] = [variable]

MATH section:


This can be used as a simple block that can be defined as number n.

2-Argument Operators

There are 5 operators that you can do in GKC with two operators:

  • Add
  • Subtract
  • Multiply
  • Divide
  • Exponentation

[number/variable] [operator] [number/variable]

1-Argument Operators

There are many more operators that can be done with only one argument.

Symbol Operator
square root Takes the 2nd root of n
absolute Takes the absolute value of n
- -(n)
Ln Natural logarithm (e^ans=n)
log10 Standard logarithm (10^ans=n)
e^ Euler’s number
10^ Scientific notation number
sin,cos,tan Trigonometric functions
asin,acos,atan Inverse trigonometric functions

Trig functions require another block

Numerical operators

Symbol Operator
even Check if n is divisible by 2
odd Check if n is NOT divisible by 2
prime Check if n is a prime number
Whole Check if n is a whole number
Positive Check if n is possible
Negative Check if n is negative
divisible by Check if n is divisible by x

Note: divisible by operator has two arguments.


A number can be rounded to the nearest, or can be rounded up/down.

4.2 → 4 DOWN / 5 UP

Random Integer

This can be used to utilize randomization.

randint([lower bound],[upper bound]


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Variables are used for storing numbers into them.

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