Recreating Interland Part 1: Kind Kingdom [Massive WIP]

I love interland so much… if you don’t finish this in 5 days I will freak out irl

lol I used to love interland… I still love it

how have i never seen this before, its a cool idea

did this like, disappear? if so, bump

i needa play interland again

yes, like all of my guides, it gets literally no views

anyways i have a question: which sentry do you use for the killable sentry that doesn’t kill you? the bully or the victim?


Here, gimme a sec to read what you got

btw link this instead of my reply

So in Interland, you try to beat the bullies, right? What’s your idea for an eliminatable sentry for the victim?

i needa play interland later

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nvm i think i might’ve figured it out


ok then

Whats next?

ok i got that part, can you tell me if i’m right?

(i also have to play interland again lol)


add hth’s guide is my suggestion, for a clearer link

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got it, i’m a bit busy though, but can you confirm that the victim and bully stuff is right? seems right to me, but you’re probably better than me at this


i’ll test it later if I have the chance

you should probably too

we all really need to play interland again lol


i’m back online, so what?

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mr lxmas wants you to go back to that discord ripoff looking

yeah uhhhhhhh just a sec

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@tesrinh please don’t edit this

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Interland Wiki Omg

sorry, it was by accident! 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚+)゚。