Recreating Gimkit tag system

Hello I am trying to create a tag system just like in Tag domination. Could someone please help? I’ve tried reading other forums but their all about freeze tag and team switching… and the only 2 about creating a system like the actual one don’t work :frowning: please help

You used:How to make team tagging intervals like in tag domination - #2 by Badkarma right???

I tried the ones by Johan Gim and Blizzy but they didn’t work

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Try that guide and see if it works
( I gotta go to sleep, in the morning tell me if it works)

I can help. I know how to make it so that when your tagged, switch teams or teleport to a base or smthng

Where do I find his guide? When I click the link u gave me all I can see is his reply

go/scroll up

The guide that is there is by johangim and that one didn’t work

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K, can you give me the screen shots of all the block, wires, and device settings???
(I will get back to you tommorrow)

I deleted them but I will reassemble them thankyou!

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