Reasons Why Your Game Won't Show Up In Discovery

Is it just possible a map may not publish. My map shows that it’s published in-game, but when I go to the Discovery it’s not there, yet somehow I can still give people a link to it’s published place.

Trust me, I did all those more than once. I’ve tried rebulishing it at least 3 times, soo…

on your game description, is there any of the 7 reasons on it, and if you did fix it, try un-publish it, then republish it, also make sure your thumbnail, name or description follows the rules.

because someone recently asked about a question in which this guide answers the question

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Make sure when making a thumbnail for your game you add a watermark. It’s been like a year and to this day my thumbnail is still getting copied

you can report them and i suggest you redo you image with a watermark of the creator’s name.

It’s been to long that thumbnail is everywhere and i already did report

It’s the first thing you see when you search “gimkit thumbnail”

yeah, sort of sad tbh(how people steal others work)

Hi guys!

I’m going to be updating this because the list of reasons doesn’t cover everything.

The reasons for in-game content isn’t there.

ok, sounds good.