Reasons Why Your Game Won't Show Up In Discovery

We need way to fix it too, not just the reasons why it may not show up.

well its easy just don’t put it in there

  1. did darickroller or muffin reply to you about the gims? ↩︎

lol, like ways to find it if it has those issues, and ways to sort of get rid of them. The guide needs to be bigger so that’s a good way to make it bigger.

Wait but my Team KO match has numbers in the desc. and I can still find it.

how much numbers are in the word?

i didn’t know that reasons so i am not really the person to ask… sorry.

like 5, at least… I’m sure…

does it have dots or commas or slashes?

are lives not allowed? I host them all the time.

no, they are not allowed

What does the fourth bullet mean “Not searching part of the Description”?

but you always do “the lobbys”

none at all, pretty sure.

dunno wolf put it there I think

how did you type “j0in”???

ok send me a screenshot, we can prob find a solution for this @WolfTechnology !!!

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This is getting off-topic. Get back on topic.

umm I put <> and a o in between those 2 then put in in the word Join

no you can get banned from gimkit for doing that, just ask @hacker

by typing >o< but flipl the symbols <>