Reappearing Sentries By Player

Okay… I want to create a zone where when a single player steps into that zone, a sentry appears. They fight the sentry to get a key, which unlocks the barrier to the next zone.

However, I do NOT want the barrier to open for everyone. Okay, I took care of that part where once they enter the next zone, it resets the barrier.

My problem is with the sentry… If I allow him to respawn with a given amount of time…he just respawns naturally and some players would have to either wait for him to respawn… or he would respawn too quickly and attack the player that already beat him. I tried resetting the zone where once you enter the zone it reactivates the zone, but the sentry won’t come back.

How can I set this up where the sentry will reappear for each player individually, not as a global thing?

Idk if this is what you want, but you could have it “when entering zone” transmit on a channel to activate the sentry, and “when exiting zone” it transmits on a channel that deactivates the sentry, so the only way that the sentry is there is if someone is in the zone.

But will it reactivate him if they fight it and knock it out? If I set that it doesn’t respawn, I can’t get it to reappear when the next player enters the zone.

I need it to reactivate, even after it has been knocked out by a different player, but only when a new player enters the zone. Not just time based.

can you tell me if, in the sentry device’s settings, there is an active scope option?


My options…

  • Gadget
  • Aim Accuracy
  • Fire Rate
  • Health
  • Shield
  • Use Adaptive Health
  • Appearance
  • Team
  • Respawn Enabled (have to set a time in seconds)
  • Name
  • Item Drop
  • Dropped Item
  • Item Amount
  • When sentry knocked out, transmit on…
  • Active on Game Start? (I have set to no, and he will spawn if first player enters zone).
  • Activate sentry when receiving on…
  • Deactivate sentry when receiving on…
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Then the sentry can’t be seen by individual players…
Do what Ben_to_the_10th said but set the sentry to respawns enabled. Activating/deactivating acts like hiding and showing the sentry.

Yeah have respawns enabled, but make it the max time of 600 seconds so it doesn’t mess up stuff. Ten minutes is enough time to get past that right?

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But then it won’t reappear for other players they’ll have to wait that amount of time.

If they walk in the zone it should make the timer obsolete and just make it spawn in. But I didn’t test multiple players, so I’m not sure.

I understand it can’t be seen individually by other players, but is there a way to get it to respawn after being knocked out by entering another zone by another player?

Right now the first player to get to the zone activates it, but if it is knocked out…no other player can get it to respawn.

I think I know how to solve your problem, you need a wire repeater:

sentry, wire repeater: sentry knocked out—> send wire pulse
wire repeater, sentry: received wire pulse —> deactivate sentry

when the sentry is deactivated, it cannot respawn.

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btw, welcome to the community!


This works. The only problem I had now was with knockout, he doesn’t drop the given item. Instead I had to use an item granter to get the item I needed from the sentry. Thank you!!!

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