Reading a Book (Extra)

So, I want to make it like someone is reading a book, but you click what to read

Are you in like a library? Like the setting?

A way to do that is a book, invisible button, then text. Then you can use pop ups to make it as if they’re reading text.

The text is for name of the book, to clarify.

invis button → popup (writing on popup)

Get a book put an invisible button on it, then make when button pressed open popup, type in the parts of the book in the popup

one sec @Ali-DaWolf let me explain more

Start with a button that is not visible on the game start:

wire it to a pop-up

add your header and your content:
and place a codex or bookshelf ontop of the button:
now you have a readable book!
@Ali-DaWolf if this works can you mark a solution?

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