Re: Art Request

Can someone please make me a thumbnail from my (solo or fellow) game? go yolo or solo!

For Short: SOF

What I need:
Hand-drawn or Photoshop?
Other Details?

preferably hand drawn with a mix of photoshop doesn’t matter just get the job done for the other things

forgot: game description?

this game go solo or have friends fight your imaginary monsters in a magic world

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sorry gramar



lol :confused:

(sorry for late reply)

any specific gims?

I’m gonna make the monsters the plant, chomps costume, and the shark costume, but would you rather have something else?

u have full creativity

ok i have to go offline now but i can probably do it later today.

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sorry @DriftUknown_YT I was sleeping I will finish today

Oh ok

is it called go yolo or solo?

i likey but add a island as floor and water underneath make the perspective from the top. (i’m so sorry)

Hope this isn’t so bad :smiley:

add more people on the right

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