Rate my Gimkit Gims!

Would you wear these?

  • I’d Love to wear this!
  • I really want to wear this!
  • These Gims would be cool to wear!
  • They are pretty good.
  • I wouldn’t really like to wear these.
  • NGL there kinda bad.
  • These Gims are HORRIBLE!
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Original Gims by me! @BellaIscool.com !


Posting art like this isn’t something that’s really allowed on the forums, please don’t do it in the future. If you’re interested in sharing art like this, the gimkit discord is a great place to do so.

I would rate them a solid 7.5/10, I like the idea but I think they could use some polishing.

ok but i (like a lot of people) have a school computer so discord is blocked for me

padlet and wixsite groupchat

they havn’t accepted my request yet

discord isn’t the only site where you can chat

Regardless, the forums are not the place for this.

ok i just wanted people to rate it and I didn’t know were else to go

also what padlet can i go on that people would see and I’m allowed to chat on

idk. I mean I have a [ask hacker maybe] but otherwise idk.

wdym you have a more exclusive one?

is it the gimhelpers?