Randomly makes it so I can't edit properties

This might just be me but whenever I am making a map, at some random point it makes so when I click a prop or device, it will just select it and not go to the settings. I have to close the tab and try again and then it works until it breaks. I might be doing something wrong instead of it being a bug, but can anyone help me fix it?

Is this property specific, or for props and devices like you put in the body?

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That happens to me too, it happens when I play for an hour or more. Just refresh

Any props/devices and happens at any time

Are you on mobile?

No I am on chromebook

Yeah, as a fellow Chromebook user, this happens a lot, just refresh I know it is annoying! But let’s see what everyone thinks we can do to solve this problem!

That might be the reason as the screen resolution is not that large.
You might have to go to settings and change the page size on safari to the lowest if you are on iPhone.

Me? I’m usually on Chromebook.

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This happens when you switch windows. To fix it, you can press alt.

Ok I will try it right now, thanks for helping!

I know it so anoying!

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Mobile is 1000% worse.

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You use gimkit creative on mobile?

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I don’t but maybe WhereIsMyHat does?

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It’s possible but incredibly annoying. I had to do it once when I was very busy and trying to get an image to help someone with a post.

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