Randomizer device (not a suggestion)

how can i make a trigger have like, say 5 wires coming from it how can i do it so that it is completely random which one it sends a signal to.

This might be AUO. I don’t know, but I’m not sure if that’s possible currently.

Have you tried block code

With the common fishing system

Or with the block set —- to Random integer to

ahh dont say the b-word unless it is completely necessary


This isn’t possible currently to make it completely random with wires. The order you place it in is the order it activates in.
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I have to I’m sorry, with wires it’s impossible, you need, BLOCKS


Do you need an explanation

You can use teleporters and a zone paired with PCP to generate random numbers, but that really isn’t desired. I had a thought for this a few days ago, but it got lost in my platformer brainstorming.

ahhhhhhh my eyes

Try to work with this, but in channels that tell the trigger to trigger

Block code is an easy out to harder, but better mechanical solutions.

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Just look at the first image

Try this:

It will randomly broadcast on one of these channels.

  • Channel1
  • Channel2
  • Channel3
  • Channel4
  • Channel5

Just like that or my post!

Trigger to multiple teleporters is a purely physical way of adding in randomization.

Couldn’t you have the player go into a zone and what would happen if it is like player enter zone → teleport player to target 5x at different teleports? Would it be random which gets picked? Would it be always one?

it may work but


It will just do whatever wired last


That would be really akward having to teleport to randomize but its something

The correct answer is B.