Random timer event help

I’m trying to make at a random time, an event happen (it’s a sabotage) while the game timer is 20 min.

Weeelll make a counter (1200) and then make it trigger something.

Wire a Lifecycle to a Trigger with a delay of 1200 seconds.

Use this blockcode for the trigger.

What do you mean by that?

Do what @Haiasi said.

Okay so It said that you ‘open blocks’, I know what blocks are tho.

Okayyy… did it work?

But how do you ‘open blocks’

Top Left Corner when you click a device that is compatible with it

ahhhhhhh ok man/woman

the delay can only go up to 120 @Haiasi

Make multiple then or use a wire repeater if it works.

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Or use a Repeater Clock like @The_7th_Dragon said

I think I’ll use wire repeaters, but thanks!

@Haiasi the Broadcast Message On Channel what should I do for it? Also the start of the sabotage channel is sabotoge1

For what device?

In the block code for the trigger.

you could just wire it but make the trigger when receiving on part whatever you like you want to trigger the randomizer

Well, I want the event to trigger at a random time in the game.

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