Random question, but i just wanna know

I’m making another update for my game and i’m almost done with it. I was going to add the Version type and the date, and what i added to the update log when it was April 20. I was just saying that if people saw the number 4/20, then i could be reported because of…

Two words: Germany. Person.

I know it seems dumb to post this question, but i just wanna know.

Germany isn’t that bad
I know a few people who would be offended that you needed to ask

Then just make it 4/20/24. This also tells what year the update was in. Hope this helps.

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How am i exactly supposed to ask them?

Don’t even know what’s 4/20 on the top of my mind. If you’re worried, just make sure you specifically state the context of it.

Didn’t bother doing that, but, just saying that it is fine judging by the context.

if it’s unintentional, then it’s fine

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