Random bug I found

I was about to jump and suddenly I clipped through the bucket I was standing on and fell don’t know how it happened not really expecting a fix I don’t have a video because I wasn’t recording me playing a random map on discover

also why do we have both


People like their tags and organizing


Yeah, it’s just the beta. And jumping mechanics are whack. Ik you weren’t worrying but yeah. It’s…

Because gimsolver created beta-platformer-bug but then we decided that it will be useless when platformer is not in beta, so we replaced it with platformer-bug !

For a deeper answer, I believe gimkit runs at 30 frames per second.
This means that they check the physics and distance the player from objects. However, I believe this is not the case for triggers and zones, they instead perform an action on the wire or channel on the first frame the player enters the zone.
The answer is that since gimkit checks physics every frame (30sec), sometimes you can run and then get teleported slightly back or forward from where you were going. Internet speed can also slow down gimkit’s physics-checking.
Another thing I’ve saw is getting teleported near a wall and clipping through it due to gimkit not updating the physics and location of the player to be able to render the collision.
It could also be because platforming is still in beta, for the tags question I believe we should just scrap beta-platformer-bug as people can just look at the date of the post to see if the bug was in beta, plus you wouldn’t really ever need to see bugs in beta that were already patched.


@Platypus_King k they need more then there are way to many bugs based around this
@Gimkit101 I can tell your active check padlet

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