Racing Line Physics

So I’m thinking about updating my f1 map, and I want it to be slightly more complex. So I’m going to add racing lines. However, I need some help with actually storing the fastest line and making deviations from that be more slower the larger they get. Remember, I have to do this for every corner, so it needs to be memory efficient. Also, I need multiple different lines possible, each with their own effects on the tyres.

I would help but I need a better description

A racing line… Certain lines are faster than others, and others beat up the tyres less. I need a way to simulate this.

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you think you could animate cars? like barrier made vehicles to move with the players? That would set your game apart and make it very hard to replicate.

I’m not going to make those since it requires too many props and would make it impossible for me to even edit my map.

… i get that. disappointment

Could you have zones on each of the lines that are connected to a speed modifier???

Yeah, but that just constrains them to choose one line, and it doesn’t let them choose their own line.

So you want it to be randomized?

No… It’s like a physics simulator. The player can choose where to move, and the game would simulate what happens in real life.

So for example if they turned they would lose speed if they didn’t do it in the correct area or with the correct angle???

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Kind of like that.

Can you add a little more details

Like what?

Maybe do a zone around corners that changes your speed. How many corners?

I have 14 corners. FYI, I also use a movement engine, so the player manually changes their speed.

Maybe do the racing line as a zone, have it when player leaves zone, reduce speed? And enter zone increase? On straightaways would be amazing because of the amount you can stretch zones.

Yeah, but the line is always curved since it’s going through a corner.

I don’t know if any other way to do it, so I can’t help. Sorry!

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