R u allowed to post published games

I would like to know if this is allowed or not.

Nope, you can’t post game links of any kind. You can do so in the Discord server or on wixsite, which was made by CringeKarlScott.



Also, remember to mark a solution.

You can use the wix site that NavyCatZ used. Remember to mark a solution if your question is answered. :white_check_mark:

I got kicked out of that site lol. No idea why.

Be sure to mark a solution, as we don’t use the resolved tag anymore!


This site is blocked on my school computer is there any other way to access peoples games

You can ask via your email, Discord, or the fandom. Other wise no.

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What do you mean by email, email the creator of a game?

Yes, but you would have to ask them on one of the other sites first.

Sorry i’m kind of dense what do you mean

By going to one of gimkits sites, WIX, Discord, or the fandom, you can ask people for publish links to play their games.

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Okay thank you for the help.

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No problem, let me know if you have anymore questions.

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hey, be sure to mark a solution!

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remember to mark a solution

the answer is no
as everyone else has said
please mark a solution
and if u want to share codes
put it in the wixsite. if ur not in already. i can accept ur request to code sharing
since im a mod there:

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As everyone has said you can post your publish links on the wix and the discord. (also mark a solution)

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welcome @Quimblo to the forums!
i bet ppl already said this but jst to double check :slight_smile:
make sure to read the new-user-must-read and the beginner-must-read!
it helps u learn how to use the forums better!

i swear ever since i joined the forums i started acting like a AI that has mediocre grammer .-.

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Also just saying, @RektRainbow, you don’t need to make repetitive posts.
If people already said “mark a solution” they’ll probably mark it when they go active.
If they go inactive, it won’t change they won’t see it even if we keep saying “mark a solution.”

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