Quiz Catastrophe!

Hi, so how do I make it to where there is a quiz, and if you get a question right, your score goes up by 20, and the goal is 80-100. And then, once you finish, a text appears that shows you your score, but it all needs to be made from popups, for the questions.

You press a call to action, it opens up another popup, and it also grants the player 20 of an item if they got it right. If they get it right, have a checker check if you have more than 79 and less than 101 of the item. If true, don’t open up a popup but set the text to the amount of items you had.


thx clic

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No problem.

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how do i set the text to the amount of items

Use a property in block code. The property should be connected to an IIM which tracks the number of items.

@ClicClac i got lost this is what i have

(dont wonder about how i have no name…)

So the popups open on game start? Why is there an end game? The IIM should be linked to the item you get and should update a property for you to put the score in block code.

ye its a quiz at start linking to a diff game and end game is if u dont wanna do quiz because why not

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So what part doesn’t work? The score at the end? Also the checker should check every time you get a right answer.

what updates the property

can u make a miniguide in a reply because i am lost

idk what to link to the property

Link the IIM (Inventory Item Manager) to the property.

by link do u mean wire?

nvm i got that, what the next step

When the game ends, just have the text display that property.

also how do i make it to where if someone chooses primary choice on popup it closes popup

nevermind-found out

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