Quick question with items

I’m currently tryna remaster my Gimnite game, and I need some help.

Is there any way so that when I use a button, (which is the opening chest function) It can drop onto the ground instead of forcing it into your inventory?

If not, then that’s ok.

What do you mean, drop onto the ground, @Txme_Lxss?

Like, it will be on the ground, like an item spawner, you know, how its like showing.

An example is like a sentry after dying, it can drop something. I want something like that, if possible.

There’s a setting in the sentry to drop stuff… And KO manager has a setting so that when a player dies a specific item is dropped.

That’s a bit difficult, cause I wanna be using sentries as enemies, but I could do that. I don’t think it’s worth the hassle though.

Thank you for the help though!

Not really. It doesn’t matter if they are enemy or not?

Theres the sentry limit though…

I’m gonna be having a pretty big map with lots of chests…

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