Quick question- how do people do this

so I’ve seen maps with this and I was wondering how to do it. I was also wondering why there is an arrow above its head
Screenshot 2024-04-21 5.10.31 PM

wdym how? they get a sentry and have an text i think

he is on the team your’e on i think


They added more sentry skins to use.

The arrow is there because it is on the same team as you. The sentry is the Stache because of a setting in the sentry


oh yeah and the skins

I knew that part I just didn’t know why it had the arrow and would attack you

him ingame
Screenshot 2024-04-21 6.17.51 PM

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yes… but which one do I use? they don’t have a lord Voldemort one tho…

i would use like the pirate

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