Questions with the save code system ;)

so I have some questions on the save code system ( i might have to reread the guide again)
how many digits can you have until the game runs out of memory?
how much data can you store in one digit?
can it save where you were b4 in game with a numbered coordinate system?

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and yes the questions I genuinely do wonder about

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You can store 10 different situations in one digit (0-9).

Using text, you’ll have plenty of digits. It’s just a question of if you want the player to input all that.

It can save that, but you’ll need to be able to detect where they were and need to teleport the player to each spot.


huh oki so technically you can store almost everything in a save code system? so what else can it do? can it do more specific things like save large numbers/or 4 digit number amount of resources?
and can it be compatible with pseudo inventory?

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It can store anything. You just need a way to input and and output from it.

kk markin a solution now thanks for the help :3

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